project: eden

How can we establish an emotional relationship with AI? How can we move beyond screen or voice based AI experiences? My ITP master thesis: Binaural Storytelling with AI - Sonification of ML-Agents through Spatial Audio.

Eden is a speculative meditation on human curiosity. A 3D simulation of paradise with neural network agent Adam&Eve is running in realtime. The agent's movements are tied to human heartbeats. If there are signs of human life, the AI can roam in its paradise and the audience floats in a sea of sounds. For my talk at the Runway x Paperspace ml4a meeting I created a special rave version of the project with the AI agent as DJ/VJ partner. I am just controlling the beats, the agent the rest.

year: 2019

work: felt, machine learning (reinforcement learning), spatial sound design, 3D rendering, Unity, VR, iOS dev, ableton live

eden_cover .png
 Get the full story  on my blog .

Get the full story on my blog.